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The voyages below feature additional savings for members of the Seven Seas Society, Regent Seven Seas Cruises' past guests. Whether you're exploring the wild frontier of Alaska, embracing the old world charm of Europe or traversing oceans and discovering distant lands, you'll enjoy additional savings on these select voyages. Become a Regent Ambassador Plus, tell your friends and family about the all-inclusive luxuries of Regent Seven Seas Cruises and earn a $200 credit towards your next voyage! Click here for more information on becoming a Regent Ambassador.

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2018 Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Nov 2524Seven Seas NavigatorRoundtrip Miami$22,998$9,89957%
Nov 2824Seven Seas ExplorerLisbon to Cape Town$36,798$13,69963%
Dec 1536Seven Seas MarinerRoundtrip Sydney$75,998$24,94968%
Dec 1516Seven Seas MarinerSydney to Bali$45,998$13,39971%
Dec 1612Seven Seas VoyagerRoundtrip Miami$17,598$7,29959%
Dec 19147Seven Seas NavigatorMiami to New York City$174,998$68,29961%
Dec 1916Seven Seas NavigatorMiami to Los Angeles / San Pedro$18,998$7,89959%

2019 Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Jan 0119Seven Seas MarinerBali to Sydney$53,998$16,39970%
Jan 0420Seven Seas NavigatorLos Angeles / San Pedro to Papeete$29,998$8,79971%
Jan 04131Seven Seas NavigatorLos Angeles / San Pedro to New York City$153,998$61,79960%
Jan 0614Seven Seas ExplorerCape Town to Rio de Janeiro$24,598$5,39979%
Jan 0710Seven Seas VoyagerRoundtrip Miami$12,598$4,89962%
Jan 2020Seven Seas MarinerSydney to Singapore$43,998$12,39972%
Jan 2052Seven Seas MarinerSydney to Hong Kong$91,598$33,24964%
Jan 2036Seven Seas MarinerSydney to Bangkok (Laem Chabang)$61,998$20,29968%
Jan 2419Seven Seas NavigatorPapeete to Sydney$40,998$10,49975%
Feb 1236Seven Seas NavigatorSydney to Singapore$60,598$20,59967%
Feb 1224Seven Seas NavigatorSydney to Hong Kong$49,998$15,49970%
Feb 2317Seven Seas VoyagerRoundtrip Miami$20,798$8,59959%
Mar 057Seven Seas VoyagerRoundtrip Miami$9,998$4,69954%
Mar 0517Seven Seas VoyagerRoundtrip Miami$19,998$8,89956%
Mar 0812Seven Seas NavigatorHong Kong to Singapore$27,998$7,19975%
Mar 2040Seven Seas NavigatorSingapore to Civitavecchia (Rome)$55,798$18,84967%
Mar 2020Seven Seas NavigatorSingapore to Dubai$38,598$11,29971%
Mar 2214Seven Seas VoyagerMiami to Barcelona$18,598$5,59970%
Mar 2514Seven Seas ExplorerMiami to Lisbon$18,598$6,49966%
Mar 2818Seven Seas MarinerShanghai to Tokyo$38,998$12,09969%
Apr 0822Seven Seas ExplorerLisbon to Venice$39,198$14,69963%
Apr 1812Seven Seas ExplorerBarcelona to Venice$24,998$8,79965%
Apr 2916Seven Seas NavigatorCivitavecchia (Rome) to New York City$19,998$7,29964%
May 0410Seven Seas VoyagerAthens to Monte Carlo$22,398$7,39967%
May 1610Seven Seas MarinerRoundtrip Vancouver$14,998$5,74962%
Jun 1312Seven Seas ExplorerSouthampton to Stockholm$27,998$10,09964%
Jun 1877Seven Seas NavigatorSouthampton to New York City$95,998$36,14963%
Jun 1837Seven Seas NavigatorRoundtrip Southampton$55,998$21,39962%
Jul 0212Seven Seas VoyagerBarcelona to Venice$27,598$10,09964%
Jul 0310Seven Seas MarinerSeward to Vancouver$19,998$8,09960%
Jul 1415Seven Seas VoyagerVenice to Monte Carlo$30,798$11,49963%
Jul 227Seven Seas VoyagerCivitavecchia (Rome) to Monte Carlo$17,998$5,89968%
Jul 317Seven Seas MarinerSeward to Vancouver$14,998$6,19959%
Aug 0910Seven Seas VoyagerVenice to Barcelona$23,998$8,29966%
Aug 2010Seven Seas ExplorerOslo to Stockholm$22,998$7,69967%
Aug 287Seven Seas MarinerSeward to Vancouver$12,998$5,19961%
Aug 2910Seven Seas VoyagerAthens to Civitavecchia (Rome)$23,998$8,29966%
Sep 047Seven Seas MarinerVancouver to Seward$12,598$4,99961%
Sep 117Seven Seas MarinerSeward to Vancouver$11,998$4,69961%
Sep 2314Seven Seas ExplorerSouthampton to Barcelona$30,598$10,89965%
Oct 0312Seven Seas NavigatorMontréal to New York City$19,598$8,14959%
Oct 1510Seven Seas NavigatorRoundtrip New York City$12,998$4,84963%
Oct 1610Seven Seas VoyagerAthens to Barcelona$21,998$7,19968%
Oct 2510Seven Seas NavigatorRoundtrip New York City$12,998$4,74964%
Nov 0166Seven Seas MarinerRoundtrip Miami$88,998$34,89961%
Nov 1211Seven Seas ExplorerBarcelona to Lisbon$21,998$7,09968%
Nov 1225Seven Seas ExplorerBarcelona to Miami$34,198$12,09965%
Nov 1620Seven Seas VoyagerDubai to Singapore$40,398$11,69972%
Dec 0518Seven Seas NavigatorLos Angeles / San Pedro to Papeete$24,998$7,29971%
Dec 0710Seven Seas ExplorerRoundtrip Miami$11,998$4,49963%
Dec 0730Seven Seas MarinerBuenos Aires to Miami$41,598$14,49966%
Dec 1720Seven Seas MarinerRio de Janeiro to Miami$27,998$9,89965%
Dec 2331Seven Seas NavigatorPapeete to Sydney$48,198$13,09973%

2020 Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Jan 0618Seven Seas MarinerMiami to San Francisco$26,998$10,99960%
Jan 06131Seven Seas MarinerRoundtrip Miami$166,998$65,04962%
Jan 2152Seven Seas VoyagerAuckland to Shanghai$85,798$30,69965%
Jan 2140Seven Seas VoyagerAuckland to Hong Kong$70,398$24,04966%
Jan 2122Seven Seas VoyagerAuckland to Bali$48,998$15,29969%
Jan 2336Seven Seas NavigatorRoundtrip Sydney$65,998$22,79966%
Jan 2418Seven Seas MarinerSan Francisco to Papeete$30,998$9,39970%
Jan 24131Seven Seas MarinerRoundtrip San Francisco$166,998$65,04962%
Jan 2454Seven Seas MarinerSan Francisco to Singapore$88,798$32,34964%
Feb 1230Seven Seas VoyagerBali to Shanghai$52,198$16,94968%
Feb 1218Seven Seas VoyagerBali to Hong Kong$38,598$11,09972%
Mar 0118Seven Seas MarinerSydney to Singapore$43,998$12,79971%
Mar 1334Seven Seas VoyagerShanghai to Abu Dhabi$55,998$18,09968%
Mar 1941Seven Seas MarinerSingapore to Civitavecchia (Rome)$63,198$21,64966%
Mar 2740Seven Seas VoyagerBangkok (Laem Chabang) to Civitavecchia (Rome)$57,998$19,19967%
Mar 2720Seven Seas VoyagerBangkok (Laem Chabang) to Abu Dhabi$39,998$11,79971%
Apr 0734Seven Seas NavigatorPapeete to Miami$44,398$15,14966%
Apr 1710Seven Seas ExplorerRoundtrip Barcelona$20,598$6,29970%
Apr 2918Seven Seas MarinerCivitavecchia (Rome) to Miami$24,998$8,99965%
Apr 2936Seven Seas MarinerCivitavecchia (Rome) to San Francisco$48,198$18,39962%
May 1322Seven Seas VoyagerVenice to Athens$41,998$14,99965%
May 1310Seven Seas VoyagerVenice to Haifa$23,598$7,29970%
May 1718Seven Seas MarinerMiami to San Francisco$26,998$10,99960%
May 2214Seven Seas NavigatorMiami to Montréal$13,598$4,49967%
May 2322Seven Seas VoyagerHaifa to Venice$42,198$15,34964%
Jun 0510Seven Seas NavigatorMontréal to New York City$9,998$3,19969%
Jun 1529Seven Seas NavigatorNew York City to Dublin$41,598$14,99964%
Jun 1591Seven Seas NavigatorRoundtrip New York City$112,998$42,64963%
Jun 177Seven Seas MarinerVancouver to Seward$13,998$5,39962%
Jun 237Seven Seas ExplorerStockholm to Copenhagen$19,398$5,99970%
Jun 3028Seven Seas NavigatorReykjavík to Copenhagen$42,598$14,89966%
Jul 1434Seven Seas NavigatorDublin to Amsterdam$51,598$18,39965%
Jul 1612Seven Seas VoyagerBarcelona to Venice$25,998$8,99966%
Jul 2820Seven Seas NavigatorCopenhagen to Amsterdam$34,398$11,79966%
Aug 1612Seven Seas ExplorerOslo to Stockholm$28,398$10,19965%
Aug 1728Seven Seas NavigatorAmsterdam to New York City$34,198$11,79966%
Aug 197Seven Seas MarinerSeward to Vancouver$13,998$5,39962%
Aug 2112Seven Seas VoyagerBarcelona to Venice$26,998$9,49965%
Aug 2817Seven Seas NavigatorBarcelona to New York City$19,398$6,49967%
Sep 0214Seven Seas VoyagerVenice to Monte Carlo$28,598$9,79966%
Sep 097Seven Seas VoyagerCivitavecchia (Rome) to Monte Carlo$16,998$4,99971%
Sep 0912Seven Seas ExplorerRoundtrip Southampton$28,598$10,29964%
Sep 167Seven Seas MarinerSeward to Vancouver$11,998$4,39964%
Sep 2312Seven Seas MarinerVancouver to Los Angeles / San Pedro$19,598$7,94960%
Oct 1210Seven Seas MarinerRoundtrip Los Angeles / San Pedro$10,998$3,69967%
Oct 1710Seven Seas ExplorerVenice to Civitavecchia (Rome)$21,998$6,99969%
Oct 1812Seven Seas NavigatorMontréal to New York City$14,998$5,69963%
Oct 2968Seven Seas MarinerLos Angeles / San Pedro to Miami$93,998$36,22462%
Oct 2937Seven Seas MarinerLos Angeles / San Pedro to Buenos Aires$55,398$20,59963%
Oct 2916Seven Seas MarinerLos Angeles / San Pedro to Limassol$24,598$9,09964%
Nov 0212Seven Seas VoyagerBarcelona to Lisbon$20,998$6,49970%
Nov 0676Seven Seas ExplorerBarcelona to Auckland$112,998$40,14965%
Dec 0814Seven Seas VoyagerRoundtrip Cape Town$30,598$9,29970%
Dec 2224Seven Seas NavigatorMiami to Honolulu$24,598$8,89964%

2021 Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Jan 0526Seven Seas VoyagerCape Town to Buenos Aires$40,398$13,19968%
Jan 05117Seven Seas MarinerMiami to Barcelona$149,998$60,22460%
Jan 0514Seven Seas VoyagerCape Town to Rio de Janeiro$24,998$6,99973%
Jan 2114Seven Seas ExplorerAuckland to Sydney$38,998$9,99975%
Feb 1910Seven Seas NavigatorRoundtrip Papeete$24,398$3,19987%
Mar 0116Seven Seas NavigatorPapeete to Los Angeles / San Pedro$23,998$6,49973%
Mar 0928Seven Seas ExplorerHong Kong to Tokyo$50,398$16,19968%
Mar 0961Seven Seas ExplorerHong Kong to Vancouver$89,998$32,74964%
Mar 1412Seven Seas VoyagerBuenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro$25,798$7,89970%
Mar 1430Seven Seas VoyagerBuenos Aires to Barcelona$40,998$13,24968%
Mar 2618Seven Seas VoyagerRio de Janeiro to Barcelona$24,998$6,99973%
Apr 0633Seven Seas ExplorerTokyo to Vancouver$53,598$18,79965%
May 0910Seven Seas ExplorerRoundtrip Vancouver$14,998$5,44964%

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